Our Vision

For our children to become confident and compassionate individuals with a positive self-image, and who are life-long learners.

Our Mission

To develop in each child an awareness of a living God revealed in the Bible, and to assist each child in discovering his/her potential and becoming a valuable citizen of the world.

Our Philosophy

In Amazing kids Children Centre:

It is a service provider with a Christian foundation. We seek to live out our faith in Jesus Christ and deliver quality services to our children and their families.

It is a community where staff encourage, affirm and support each other, and where each child knows he/she is important and valued. We focus on each child and seek to develop individual gifts, abilities and character-intellectually, creatively, physically and emotionally. We respect every child and try to help him/her develop confidence and a sense of his/her own worth.

We seek to develop in each child an awareness of a living God revealed in the Bible who loves us. We wish to help each child find a sense of purpose in his/her life under God.

We provide a supportive environment and encourage our children to participate in age appropriate activities and experiences. We urge them to have a go-to try things, to take risk and to learn from their mistakes.

We work with parents and welcome their views; try to understand and fulfil their hopes for their children.

We welcome children and families of other faiths. We respect every family and celebrate our diversity.

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