Loving to learn, learning through play

Play and learn


We are a service provider with a Christian foundation.  We live out our Christian faith at the Centre in the following ways:

  • Recognising that children develop into their amazing selves through the love and commitment of family, faith, community and education.
  • Welcoming children and families from other cultures and faiths. We respect the various traditions that our children and families practice and will help children celebrate this diversity.
  • Encouraging families’ participation and being committed to helping them to fulfil their hopes for their children.
  • We are committed to supporting and developing our staff group so that they can provide an interesting and stimulating learning environment for the children.
  • Being committed to providing a high-quality educational environment which meets the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework.

At Amazing Kids, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is used by all educators for planning and programming purposes. This is the National Curriculum Document for children from birth to five years.

Educators will also use the EYLF curriculum document when documenting your child’s individual learning journey. Children will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities to develop their interests, construct their identities and understandings of their world and foster their independence.

Educators will use information collected from observations, children’s interests and family input to create meaningful and relevant learning programs to foster your child/ren’s development. Through play, children will be encouraged to learn, grow, create and develop their skills to apply to everyday aspects of their life.

Kindy Program

Our centre also offers an extensive preschool and school readiness program based on EYLF. EYLF holds a strong emphasis on play-based learning being the best vehicle for young children’s learning through providing appropriate stimulus for brain development.


We aim to guide your child in becoming an effective learner through creating an environment that is challenging and stimulating for each individual child. The overall aim of our programs is to help your child in developing their skills and learning in all areas necessary for success now and in the future.